Tracey Andresen Reflexology

Specialising in Reflexology


Reflexology (50 mins) £35.00

Fertility Reflexology (50 mins) £35.00

Maternity Reflexology (50 mins) £35.00

Reflexology for Menopause (50 mins) £35.00

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) (50 mins) £35.00

Aromareflex (50 mins) £35.00

Hot Stones Reflexology (60 mins) £40.00

Moxibustion Reflexology (60 mins) £40.00

Facial Reflexology (30 mins) £30.00

Facial Reflexology (includes neck and shoulder massage) (50 mins) £40.00

Facial Reflexology with Hand Reflexology (50 mins) £40.00

Facial Reflexology and Foot Reflexology (60 mins) £45.00

Facial Reflexology, Hand Reflexology and Foot Reflexology (75 mins) £55.00

Baby Reflex 1-1 (3 x 50 mins sessions) £60.00

(discount available for group bookings)

Cancellation Policy

Whilst I do appreciate that emergencies crop up from time to time and appointments have to be cancelled, please be aware that I do reserve the right to charge £20.00 per missed appointment with less than 24 hours notice. Or I may ask for payment in advance for any future sessions which is non refundable. Whilst these policies are not nice to enforce, they are a necessity to ensure all my business running costs are still covered despite the income lost from a cancelled appointment.